Happe Places

Everywhere I go, I find my happy place. My favorite spot for relaxing, for hanging out with friends, for studying, for running, for reading, for people watching... you get the picture. As this semester is rolling to close. I thought I'd reminisce on my favorite places so far and locations I still need to go. … Continue reading Happe Places

Dear America,

It's good to chat, again. I know we haven't been in touch for a while, that I haven't been physically with you, but regardless, I want you to know that still care deeply about your overall well-being. Today, I'm reaching out to express my concerns. Trends our country has taken the past few weeks, months, … Continue reading Dear America,


Last weekend (9/14-9/15), I traveled to London to attend the Economists' Open Future Festival and meet alumni from my university UNC. Economists' Open Future Festival General Overview: The festival celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Economist through a series of discussions/chats/interviews with individuals regarding the decline of classical liberal values in which the org was … Continue reading London

Lizzie becomes a Hamburger !

Wisconsinite. North Carolinian? Danish... HAMBURGER ! Known for the Beatles, as the second-largest city in Germany, post-industrial/important port, solid currywurst, and as the European Green Capital in 2011. Population 1.8 million. Welcome to Hamburg.   Our teachers: Regitze Hess - Why Cities Matter: European Urban Experience Silvia Dragomir - Integrated Climate Change Planning   CORE … Continue reading Lizzie becomes a Hamburger !