About me






Hi! My name is Lizzie Tong and I am a rising junior from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in economics and computer science. At DIS Copenhagen Fall 2018, I will be studying urban studies, urban economics, sustainable business practices, and applied climate change scenarios using ArcGIS. Follow me as I delve into the planning capital of the world, intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations, and attempt to piece together my interdisciplinary academic interests.







  • My hometown is Milwaukee, WI, so I am quite partial to the Midwest and fried cheese curds.
  • According to a 23nMe test, I am approximately 92% ethnically Chinese, 4% Mongolian, 3.4% Broadly East Asian, and 0.6% Broadly European; however, most of my family hails from the Sichuan region of China and I speak Mandarin proficiently.
  • I have studied Spanish for over 6 years. In addition to an appreciation for Hispanic/Latin culture, I have traveled to Bolivia and Peru, with the pleasure of calling Cochabamba my home for two months.
  • I don’t have a left pec muscle! It’s called Poland syndrome, but doesn’t prevent me from daily runs/a generally active lifestyle. Catch me frolicking in the outdoors, climbing, and boxing.
  • Currently listening to: Tove Styrke, NoMBe, Luke Christopher, Lizzo, and Andy Grammer (who I saw ~free~ in concert, first row, thanks to Fair STL).
  • I am the youngest of three. My two older sisters are my inspiration and my support system.
  • Amateur photographer. Canon Rebel T6i. Successfully completed star trails/long exposure, but can dig up a portfolio on food photography.


A big thank you to the Morehead Cain Foundation at UNC Chapel Hill. As a scholar, I am provided with this opportunity that would not have originally been possible for me, to study abroad fully-funded.