Happe Places

Everywhere I go, I find my happy place. My favorite spot for relaxing, for hanging out with friends, for studying, for running, for reading, for people watching… you get the picture. As this semester is rolling to close. I thought I’d reminisce on my favorite places so far and locations I still need to go.


Copenhagen Royal Danish Playhouse Dock (at night) — One of my favorite places in Copenhagen. Beautiful architecture. Beautiful view. And it’s right by Nyhavn! Please sit on the ledge, let your feet dangle over the harbor water, and count cha blessings.



Copenhagen Public Library — super conveniently located! Actually. It’s right by DIS, less than a 5 minute walk from Norreport, and connected to Democratic Coffee Bar (which is consistently voted best croissants in Copenhagen). TRY THEM. They are amazing. I recommend the chocolate but they’re famous for their almond croissant. Grab a croissant, grab a seat overlooking the library, and get crackin’.



Konditaget Luders — a rooftop park/playground in Nordhavn


Superkilen — park in Norrebro



Havnegade/By Sahil Restaurant — The picnic spots along the harbor… can’t say no to a good waterfront view.



Vaerlose — Let’s end on a wholesome note. Honestly, have probably spent a good deal of time at this dinner table this semester, surrounded by my lovely host family!! It’s a good place to kick back with some good food, chats, and Danish tunes ~~ Check out this game! Some ~~ VERY DIFFICULT ~~ Danish Trivia. Lmao.

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